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Whether you hardly ever ship or ship a lot, we make it easy and save you money. 

Create shipping labels online for all your shipping needs with no monthly fees and automatic major carrier discounts.

  • Care packages for college students

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  • Creating return labels and more

All you need is a computer with a Chrome Browser and printer. Create your label(s), save money, and enjoy skipping the lines.


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“I cannot believe the quality of service I have received from Shipthrifty. Every question I asked has been answered, every email has been answered, and every phone call has been answered. I do not ship that often, but I am going with this company from now on.” William W.

Your money-saving suggestions are a significant value-added service.  I’ve been using the priority mailboxes for their convenience, with no idea just how expensive they are.  This alone make me rave about Shipthrifty.” Dave R.

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